Homestaging (or Homestyling) is preparing the property prior to sale by highlighting each room's features and capabilities to its best.


An inspiring, welcoming and appealing environment must be shown to prospective buyers.

Many times it may be enough to clear out and rearrange the furniture - creating an spacious room.

Wherever possible, I want to use the furniture and furnishings that are already in the home.

I find that all rooms, objects and furniture can be beautiful and interesting on their own.


I listen to how you as the seller want to show the property, after which I will form a suggestion that we together will see through.

You may then choose what level of homestaging you need.

Interior and Decor

Looking for interior design help? Do you have a lack of ideas or is the inspiration running out?

I can help you! Contact me about your situation. Small changes can sometimes work wonders.


There is also the opportunity to get help from me on the purchase of new furnishing. I will accompany you and give tips and ideas during the shopping.


Are you a shop owner and need help with interior design? I'm there for you too. For me it is important to have a comfortable, welcoming shop environment; the customer stays longer and may buy more.


Below are pictures of two projects i have done.

Furniture Renovation

Do you have a piece of furniture which needs some love and caring?

Furniture can have a new life with a little imagination, fix and trix.

There is also the option to purchase any of the items that already exist and more to come.

I use découpage, mosaic, yarns, fabrics, and much more.


About me

Christina Norman; Francophile preschool teacher in Hudiksvall, Sweden, who have been running two shops - one with furnishings from around the world and a shoe store which is still active.

In addition to Preschool teacher studies, I have studied Project Management, Homestaging and Decoration.


I am full of ideas and can express them in various creative ways.

I find inspiration in nature, of meeting people, of art, of music, by traveling preferably to my beloved France!

My vision

My vision is to make my customers happy, by being responsive, respectful and flexible.


I want to make maximum use of the furniture that already are in the house when I do my Homestaging, to show the feeling found in the home.

For me that is to show respect for both the owner and the environment - from both an ecological and residential perspective.


I collaborate with Annika Emanuelsson at Sydfranska Fastigheter ( [in Swedish]). Through her​​, I have several real estate agent contacts in Languedoc, France.

Annika can help you with your potential real estate purchase in the beautiful Languedoc!


You can also rent a room or more from Annika and her husband Erik. They have a beautiful winefarmers house in Magalas called CapitainBonnet - see their website

A beautiful place in a beautiful setting - rolling vineyards and a half hour from miles of sandy beaches by the Mediterranean Sea.


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Furnishings / Decor


Furniture Renovation


For pricing please contact me according to Contact above.


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